Induction Lighting – An Introduction


Induction Lighting- An introduction

Want to learn more about our Induction lighting fixtures and bulbs? Check out the the Induction Lighting below.

Induction lighting for home and business

Induction Lighting for Home and Business

Low ceiling Induction Lighting

Low ceiling Induction Lighting

Street and Parking Lot Induction Lighting

Street and Parking Lot Induction Lighting

Tunnel Induction Lighting

Tunnel Induction Lighting

High Bay Induction Lighting

High Bay Induction Lighting

Explosion Proof Induction Lighting

Drop Ceiling Lights

New Drop Ceiling Induction


Businesses are just as eager too save big with induction lighting as anyone, but are often reluctant to undertake the high cost of renovating their current ceilings.

With the new low power, low heat, drop ceiling grid compatible induction lights they can!!  Without needing a major renovation.

With it’s 10 year life cycle and ultra low power usage ( better than fluorescent and LED ) , choice of outputs ( 4800 or 8000 lumens) , choice of color  (2700° [like incandescent] or 5000° [bright white] ), and a dimmable options these new induction drop ceiling lights will find a home in nearly any office or commercial space.



Hello and Welcome,

About Vintage Hardware & Lighting

We are Vintage Hardware & Lighting.  We design, reproduce, manufacture and sell hardware and lighting. After 30+ years providing top quality lighting, and as part of our ongoing drive to provide best lighting solutions possible, we became fascinated by the aesthetic  (and $ savings) potential of advanced green energy induction and LED lighting technology, and began to offer them in our products. What began with our passion has become a cause, “To provide the most advanced, reliable, high quality green energy induction and LED available”.  Now, in addition to providing induction and LED lights directly, we can convert almost all of our classic vintage style lights to use advanced induction and/or LED green energy technology upon request.

Our Website has our current catalogue of in stock products. Our  showroom displays many of our products, as well as several items that have not yet made it into the website.  Located in Port Townsend Washington our showroom is also home to the world’s only Art Deco lighting museum which showcases many rare pieces.

When dealing with a company, we understand your concerns regarding its background, experience, reputation for quality, etc. We want to take this opportunity to tell you some things about us and what we stand for.

We are also one of the first suppliers in America to offer quality, LED and induction light fixtures and commercial lighting at great prices. And, in addition to regular sales, we also do custom and commercial work.

For more than 30 years, we have specialized in authentic, reproduction hardware and lights. Our quality products can be seen in landmark buildings such as The White House, The U.S. Capitol Building, historic buildings around the world, and many theme parks, feature films and TV shows. In fact, when it comes to reproduction lighting and hardware from pre-1940 – our company has for years been one of the preferred suppliers of authentic film and stage recreation lighting pieces for Hollywood studios. Now we are bringing that same care and quality to you with our induction and LED lighting.

(List of Films and TV show using our products)





Low Ceiling Induction Lighting

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Low Ceiling Induction Lighting

Model: Unit Price: Pupil Lumens:
100-CDC-21, 100 watts
$ 215.00
Using 2700°K lamping gives 11,200 pupil lumens
100-CDC-41, 100 watts
$ 215.00
Using 4100°K lamping gives 12,960 pupil lumens
100-CDC-51, 100 watts
(lead time 60-90 days)
$ 215.00
Using 5000°K lamping gives 15,680 pupil lumens
100-CDC-61, 100 watts
(lead time 60-90 days)
$ 215.00
Using 6500°K lamping gives 18,000 pupil lumens
Working Voltages:
Transformer #110
Maximum working voltage 160V/AC
Minimum working voltage 90V/AC
Transformer #220
Maximum working voltage 290V/AC
(special order)
Minimum working voltage 170V/AC
Color Rendering: Ra = 80
Power factor: = 98%
Rated Power: 100 watts ±10%
Start Up time: <0.3 Seconds
Hot Re-start after shut-down time: <0.5 Seconds
Lamp life 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours
Working enviroment -13°F to 149°F
Waterproof class: 1P54
Preferred installation height: 9 ft to 16 ft
Construction: Molded aluminum base with high impact resistant PVC cover to RoHS standards.
Overall Dimensions:

low ceiling induction lightOutstanding light for hallways, basements and underground garages and even small rooms. A mere eight inch of mounting height, with great side lighting, suits a multiple amount of applications for great coverage.

15 inches in diameter with 4 mounting lugs protruding an inch beyond the diameter. Height is a mere 8 inches.

induction grow light

Induction Lighting, Visible Light – and Energy SavingsResearch has indicated that it is not the lux or foot candle value of lighting that determines how we see, but rather, the nanometer range of light our eyes can see and interpret. We all “know” that yellow HPS light is poor for seeing detail. Its true lumen “pupil value” is actually between 0.4 and 0.67 times the stated lumens output.*

HPS wastes energy and is poor light. Induction lighting has a value between 1.62 for 4100°K light to 2.25 for 6500°K light.* Lower Induction wattages can be used to achieve equal & greater “Pupil Lumens” of obsolete HPS and Metal Halide lights.

Green savings and visual clarity are achieved when replacing HPS or Metal Halide with Induction Lighting. Near zero maintenance is an outstanding added value Did we mention “Instant” re-lighting with Induction Lights?

* Source: Francis Robinstein of Lawrence Berkeley National Library: Useful Pupil efficiency is calculated for each type of light:
HPS = times 0.4 to 0.67 of stated lumens for actual pupil lumens
Metal Halide = times 1.49 of stated lumens for actual pupil lumens
Induction Lighting = as much as 2.25 times stated lumen output for actual pupil lumens
Approved by: UL (U54), ULC (Canada), CE (Europe), and VDE (Germany)

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